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A Begginer's Guide to Succulent Care

Family: Crassulaceae
Common Name: Aloe, Echeveria, Kalanchoe, Pilea, Sansevieria
Botanical name: Succulent

Are you looking for an easy-care houseplant that will add a pop of color to your home? Look no further than succulents! With their thick, waxy leaves and rosette formations, these plants are a recognizable favorite among plant enthusiasts. But did you know that succulents thrive on neglect? That's right - they can handle a lot of neglect due to their ability to survive in harsh desert environments.

To help you grow healthy and vibrant succulents, we've compiled a list of seven essential tips:

  1. Light: Succulents need at least 6 hours of bright, indirect light per day. Keep them away from direct sunlight, as younger plants can become scorched.

  2. Water: Let the soil completely dry out before watering your succulent. Saturate the soil until water drains through the soil, and make sure to empty the tray so your plant isn't sitting in standing water.

  3. Soil: Use potting soil with more drainage materials, such as wood chips, perlite, coarse sand, or pumice, to allow water to drain quickly. You can also add cactus potting soil mix to your potting soil for better drainage.

  4. Temperature: Succulents thrive in warm temperatures but can do well in average room temperatures. If you bring your succulent outside, make sure to bring it back inside before temperatures turn chilly.

  5. Humidity: Succulents prefer low or average humidity and can live in dry winter air. Avoid placing them in rooms with high humidity.

  6. Fertilizer: Use a diluted liquid fertilizer once a month to promote new growth and more vivid colors or flowering. Avoid too strong or too frequent fertilizing.

  7. Pro Tips: Propagate your succulents through cuttings or water propagation, and plant them in terra-cotta pots for better soil drainage. If leaves shrivel or pucker, it's a sign your plant is too dry. And remember to re-pot your succulents when they outgrow their pots.

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